Gatehouse Restaurant Art Program

Gatehouse Restaurant
Gatehouse Restaurant Art Program


Gatehouse Restaurant Art Program

About the Program:
Chefs and artists recognize the close connection between visual and culinary arts. Now, guests and students can experience the symbiosis themselves through Gatehouse Restaurant’s curated art program. Curated by CIA Greystone instructor and local artist Nancy Willis, the exhibit will change seasonally and feature a selection of talented Bay Area artists.
Current Artist:
Sylvia Gonzalez

Petaluma, CA
On display now through December 15, 2018.

“Combining the sensual texture of soft pastel with the dramatic narrative of still life, Sylvia pays homage to the bounty of the garden. These richly colored renderings will offer guests a beautiful backdrop to the artistic food they will savor at the restaurant.”
—Nancy Willis

Sylvia Gonzalez artworkSylvia Gonzalez artworkAbout Sylvia:
As a child, Sylvia remembers gazing at examples of Op Art in her grandparents’ home in Miami, FL. Her uncle Wilfredo Arcay was a master serigrapher in Paris for numerous European artists, including Victor Vaserely and Yaacov Agam. The color theory of Joseph Albers and the impressionists’ use of color has been an integral part of her art. These pieces are a combination of printmaking and pastel that involves layering imagery taken from photocopies of foliage, photographs, maps, and fabric patterns. Sylvia also incorporates imagery from scientific artists, designers, and illustrators, such as Eadweard Muybridge, William Morris, and Ernst Haekel. She looks at photographs of birds and animals to draw from. As the monotype part of the piece is developed organically and without a known outcome, the drawing is deliberate and precise. The surface of the monotype makes a wonderfully rich, ground for pastel and the combinations often surprise and delight her.

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