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The CIA Bakery Café in San Antonio is a student-run pop-up featuring a variety of favorite sweet and savory bakery items in addition to new creations, great coffee, delicious wine and signature aguas frescas.


The pop-up CIA Bakery Café was conceived to invoke a uniquely exciting dining experience while giving students familiarity with the daily operations of a bakery. The CIA Bakery Café is a capstone course for CIA San Antonio baking and pastry arts majors graduating with their AAS degrees. Students will operate both the front- and back-of-house of the café under the direction of Master Baker Alain Dubernard, Chef Will Packwood, and Hospitality and Service Management Instructor Amandy Carranza.


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Hours of Operation


Open: February 2020
Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

Phone: 210-554-6484


Additional Closings:


  • Breakfast Menu
    Sit-Down or Take-Out
    Monday–Friday, 8–10:30 a.m.


    Egg Sandwich 7.5
    spinach-mushroom scramble, roasted tomato, prosciutto, gruyere
    Salmon-Avocado Tartine 9
    red onion, capers, dill yogurt, rye
    Savory Croissant 7.5
    fried egg, bacon, smoked cheddar, roasted tomato, morita chile mayo
    Two Breakfast Tacos 5
    scrambled eggs, bacon, queso oaxaca, charred tomato salsa
    Brioche French Toast 9
    macerated berries, whipped crème fraiche, candied orange
    Fresh Juices
    orange, grapefruit 4
    pineapple, apple, cranberry-apple, cucumber, beet-carrot, kale-spinach-green apple 5
    Juice Bar 6
    four 3 oz tastes of fresh juice blends
    Optional Add-Ins .5 each
    ginger, mint, turmeric, jalapeno, lemon, lime


    Coffee, Espresso


    Drip Coffee 2.5
    Espresso 3
    Double Espresso 4
    Macchiato 3
    Americano 3
    Cappuccino 5
    Latte 5
    Hot Chocolate 5


    Tea Service 4


    Ti Quan Yin Oolong Spring Floral
    Gunpowder Green
    Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green
    Spiced Plum Tisane
  • Lunch Menu
    Sit-Down or Take-Out
    Monday–Friday, 10:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.


    White Bean and Bacon Soup 8
    mini grilled cheese, garlic-chive cream
    Tomato-Basil Soup 9
    mini grilled cheese, extra virgin olive oil, parmesan
    Baby Greens and Mixed Berry Salad 10
    walnuts, goat cheese, pickled shallot, mustard vinaigrette
    Grilled Romaine Salad 9
    lemon-anchovy vinaigrette, croutons, Parmesan
    add grilled chicken 4
    Salmon-Avocado Tartine 11
    red onion, capers, dill yogurt, rye, mixed green salad
    Fried Chicken Cubano 12
    crispy chicken breast, gruyère, dijon, pickles, mixed green salad
    Savory Croissant 9.5
    fried egg, bacon, smoked cheddar, roasted tomato, morita chile mayo, mixed green salad
    Ricotta Gnocchi 13
    shrimp, guanciale, tomato, eggplant, basil, fresno chile, ricotta salata
    Bacon Cheese Burger 13
    smoked cheddar, tomato, arugula, morita chile mayo, herb fries
    Honey Gold Chicken Wings (6) 9
    sour pickles, cream biscuits


    Sides 4
    mixed greens, roasted tomatoes, mustard vinaigrette
    herb fries, garlic mayo


    Cold Beverages


    Agua Fresca 3
    Lemondade 3
    Savor Ginger Beer 6
    Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Tonic 3
    Iced Tea 3
    Iced Coffee 3
    Iced Nitro Coffee 5
    Iced Latte 5
    Iced Mocha 5
    San Pellegrino 500ml 4
    Today’s Juice Bar 6
    Draft Beer 7
    Cava Mistinguett 7
    Pinot Grigio Terlan 7
    Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 7
    Today’s Special Cocktail 7
    Mimosa 7




CIA Bakery Café
312 Pearl Parkway at Pearl Brewery
San Antonio, TX 78215


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