Wondrous, CIA Student Charity Event, July 23 2022

Take a trip down the rabbit hole and immerse yourself in a night of curiosity in the midsummer celebration, Wondrous, brought to you by The Culinary Institute of America’s senior class. Enjoy a culinary twist on the beloved story of Alice and her adventures, from the creative minds of our students, as you arrive at Anton Plaza and enjoy enchanted cocktails. Then, follow the white rabbit inside for a five-course dinner, featuring local and seasonal ingredients. The event also includes a silent auction and raffle.

This student-planned, operated, and organized charity event celebrates and showcases what the future leaders in the culinary world have learned during their time at the CIA. The evening will benefit Grace Smith House, a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals and families live free from domestic violence by providing shelter, advocacy, counseling, and education.

In addition to the students’ charity of choice, a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Love for Lade Perry Memorial Scholarship, in honor of Omolade “Lade” Perry, a 16-year U.S. Navy veteran and bachelor’s student at the CIA, who passed away in April.
Charity: Grace Smith House.
Scholarship: Love for Lade Perry Memorial Scholarship.
Date: Saturday, July 23, 2022.
Time: Cocktail hour will begin at 4 p.m. at Anton Plaza, followed by dinner in Farquharson Hall.
Location: The Culinary Institute of America, Route 9, 1946 Campus Drive, Hyde Park, NY 12538.
Dress Code: Semi-formal (Dress up for Wonderland).
Entertainment: TBD.
Price: $130 per person, includes the reception, five-course dinner, beverages, tax, and service. A portion may be tax-deductible.
Additional Notes: This event is limited to 104 guests. CIA gift cards are non-redeemable for this event.

This event has sold out. For questions about the event or to be added to the wait list, please call 845-905-4374.



Savory Menu
Hors d’Oeuvre

Beet and Chèvre Terrine
red and golden beets, local goat cheese, herbs

Bite size Caprese
garnished with basil and balsamic pearls

Mushroom Tart
phyllo dough, garnished with pickled baby carrots and micro greens

garnished with ramp mignonette (with ramp vinegar)

Hare Rillette
served on toasted crostini, garnished with pickled shallots and micro greens

Savory Ramp Pate Choux
garnished with flowers

First Course

Chilled Asparagus Soup
tea infused watermelon, garnished with watermelon radish, goat cheese foam

Second Course

Checkerboard Tortellini
filled with beet and ricotta, garnished with chili oil, chive oil, cherry tomatoes, rainbow carrot peels, micro greens

Third Course

Sautéed Hudson Valley Trout
served mustard greens, cauliflower puree, garnished with rainbow cauliflower, fish skin, roe, beet powder

Fourth Course

Hare Roulade
served over heirloom carrots, black berry bourbon sauce, beans, morels, garnished with micro greens

Pastry Menu

Strawberry Teacup
strawberry mousse, vanilla cake, strawberry jam, chocolate dip with Swiss meringue, and a sugar cookie spoon

Paris Teacup
Paris tea mousse, gluten-free chocolate cake, caramel, chocolate dip with Swiss meringue, and chocolate spoon

Lemon Lavender Macaron
lavender buttercream with lemon curd filling

Fruit Tart
orange curd with fresh fruit and glaze

Petit Gateaux
chocolate cake with buttercream dipped in chocolate fondant


Chocolate Keys

Raspberry Rose Macarons
rose buttercream with raspberry ganache filling

Mushroom BonBon
earl gray tea caramel and white chocolate ganache in a chocolate shell

Palate Cleanser
watermelon basil sorbet

Cocktail Hour

Sugar Cookie

Liquor Cordials
dark chocolate with coffee maple whiskey, white chocolate filled with cherry brandy

Beverage Menu

Cheshire Cat
a magical gin sour

Jack Rabbit
Manhattan style applejack cocktail

Mr. Caterpillar
smoked maple bourbon old fashioned

Cosmic Void
not your average cosmopolitan

Dark Forest
a bittersweet cherry espresso martini

Drink Me Potion
color changing rum and citrus

Absinthe Drip
anise spirit

twisted green sencha tea shot


Red Queen
berry hibiscus spritzer

White Queen
coconut ginger and lemon grass

Boro Grove
lavender coconut Arnold Palmer

house made kombucha


Barrie House regular and decaf


Harney & Sons selection

**Menu and beverages subject to change based on availability**

This event has sold out. For questions about the event or to be added to the wait list, please call 845-905-4374.
This event is presented by CIA bachelor’s degree students. These future stars in the hospitality industry are responsible for all of the evening’s planning and execution, from menu development to the overall ambiance and design of the event. Read the CIA blog for more about CIA senior student fundraising >