Gatehouse Restaurant Art Program

Gatehouse Restaurant
Gatehouse Restaurant Art Program


Gatehouse Restaurant Art Program


Chefs and artists alike have recognized the close connection between the visual and culinary arts. Now, guests and students can see those connections through a new curated art program at Gatehouse Restaurant in St. Helena, CA. The work will change seasonally and showcase local and Bay Area artists. St. Helena artist (and Greystone instructor) Nancy Willis is curating the program.


We are pleased to present the striking paintings of artist, Susan Spies , at Gatehouse Restaurant from April 19 through July 28, 2018.


“A pure love of color comes to Gatehouse Restaurant this summer in the beautiful abstract paintings of San Francisco artist Susan Spies.”
—Nancy Willis


Artist Statement:
Color, tone and hue predominate these works that exploit the inherent movement of oil paint. My process begins with color, building up layers of opacity and translucence to explore the subtleties and range of tone. The complexities and richness supersede the constrained palette. These layered, atmospheric spaces flow through tonal shifts until they intersect. These juxtapositions further enhance the color dynamics and create ambiguous places. The abstract environments created illustrate spaces that always captivate me; the places where man and nature, land and sky, and reality and perception intersect.


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